Beliefs and Duties

___ We are AbbA Father’s chosen people.

___ We are heirs of AbbA Father.

___ We are servants of AbbA Father.

___ We are gods of Earth.

___ Believing in one God, AbbA Father, the creator   

       of all things, the father of all living.

___ Having faith in God, AbbA Father.

___ Praying to God, AbbA Father always.

___ Fearing AbbA Father.


___ Thanking AbbA Father always.


___ Keeping yourself righteous always.

___ Keeping your thoughts pure and positive.

___ Seeking Knowledge and Understanding to gain

       Wisdom. KUW

___ Studying the written words in the bible.

___ Keeping the 10 commandments.

___ Repenting from sin, and doing good works.

___ Males getting circumcised.

___ Renaming yourself.

___ Becoming Adopted.

___ Not creating or praying to idols or graven images.

___ Partaking in AbbA’s Feasts and Sabbaths.

___ Clothing yourself in white garments on Holy Days.

___ Giving and tithing as you are blessed.

___ Singing joyful praises to AbbA Father together.

___ Keeping Today's Dietary Laws.

___ Crying to AbbA Father in private.

___ Loving and forgiving your neighbour as yourself.

___ Confessing your sins to one another, asking for


___ Forgiving others who sinned against you.


___ Separating from evil, sinners and negativity.

___ Keeping peace, war no more.

___ Becoming a husband or wife.

___ Being fruitful and multiplying, or adopting.

___ Learning the sciences of how AbbA created things.

___ Preparing for longevity, disasters, and eternal life.

___ Seeking the Seven Spirits.

___ Stopping the Four Horsemen in Revelation Six.

___ Tilling the soil, keeping Earth.

___ Tilling the soil, burying the creep.

___ Honouring the elderly, and creating an elderly board.

___ Electing a King over AbbA’s Israelites.

___ Regaining land.

___ Building an Altar and Temple.

___ Living up to 120 years, then up to 999 years, generation      

       after generation.


___ Eating from the Tree of Life to live here on earth  

       365,000,000 years with AbbA Father.

___ Checking this list until AbbA's Israelites are gods on


Here are keys to eternal life here on earth; being an Israelite, praying to AbbA Father, loving AbbA + your neighbour, becoming Adopted, keeping Feast + Sabbaths, seeking the 7 Spirits, tilling the soil, and stopping the 4 horsemen.

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The Adoption of AbbA's Israelites is a guide with paths to dwell to unite Israelites, restore the Sabbaths, seek the seven spirits, till the soil, and stop the four horsemen to live forever on Earth.


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