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Beliefs and Duties

___ We are AbbA Father’s chosen people.

___ We are heirs of AbbA Father.

___ We are servants of AbbA Father.

___ We are gods of Earth.

___ Believing in one God, of many names,

AbbA Father, the creator of all living things.

___ Having faith in God, AbbA Father.

___ Praying to God, AbbA Father always.

___ Fearing AbbA Father.

___ Thanking AbbA Father always.

___ Keeping yourself righteous always.

___ Keeping your thoughts pure and positive.

___ Seeking Knowledge and Understanding to gain

       Wisdom. KUW

___ Studying the messages in the bible.

___ Keeping the 10 commandments.

___ Repenting from sin, and doing good works.

___ Males getting circumcised.

___ Renaming yourself.

___ Becoming Adopted.

___ Not creating or praying to idols or graven images.

___ Partaking in AbbA’s Feasts and Sabbaths.

___ Clothing yourself in white garments on Holy Days.

___ Giving and tithing as you are blessed.

___ Singing joyful praises to AbbA Father together.

___ Keeping Today's Dietary Laws.

___ Crying to AbbA Father in private.

___ Loving and forgiving your neighbour as yourself.

___ Confessing your sins to one another, asking for


___ Forgiving others who sinned against you.

___ Separating from evil, sinners and negativity.

___ Keeping peace, war no more.

___ Becoming husband and wife, or forming a civil union.

___ Being fruitful and multiplying, or adopting.

___ Learning the sciences of how AbbA created things.

___ Preparing for longevity, disasters, and eternal life.

___ Seeking the Seven Spirits.

___ Stopping the Four Horsemen in Revelation Six.

___ Tilling the soil, keeping Earth.

___ Tilling the soil, burying the creep.

___ Honouring the elderly, and creating an elderly board.

___ Electing a King over AbbA’s Israelites.

___ Regaining land.

___ Building an Altar and Temple.

___ Living up to 120 years, then up to 999 years, generation      

       after generation.


___ Eating from the Tree of Life to live here on earth  

       365,000,000 years with AbbA Father.

___ Checking this list until AbbA's Israelites are gods on


AbbA Israelites

AbbA's Israelites are adopted people with paths to dwell to unite Israelites, restore the Sabbaths, seek the Seven Spirits, till the soil, and stop the four horsemen to receive eternal inheritance and live forever on Earth.


Phone: (708) 438-1690

Registered Charity: Pending

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