Ben Haran 

The Restorer

I am one of God's people, an AbbA Israelite, of the tribe of Benjamin, a watchman; the restorer of paths to dwell. The Coming of AbbA's Israelites is a guide to restore the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I blow my trumpet to tell the people; the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. We must restore the Sabbaths, give the seven spirits, till the soil, bury the devil, and stop the four horsemen.

The four horsemen in Revelation Six, represent the evils that can destroy humanity. It's our duty to warn people to stop evil. The horsemen are waiting for AbbA's Israelites to unite. Knowledge and understanding develops wisdom which enhance the paths to righteousness, peace, faith, and charity that can/will bring harmony with nature, bury the devil, and bring eternal inheritance on earth generation after generation. - Ben Haran - The Restorer of Paths to Dwell.


Warn the people that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Unite Today's Israelites to fulfill prophesy and receive eternal inheritance on earth. Stop the four horsemen in Revelation Six. Seek the Seven Spirits. Till the soil. Watch for the coming of AbbA Father.

Isaiah 48: 3-8 ;Hebrew 9:15


My Vision

For AbbA Israelites to regain our status as God's people on earth, we must become part of the Adoption of AbbA Israelites. Being fruitful, multiplying, adopting, repenting from sin, getting land, electing a King, and preparing for a long life; before and after the rule of the gentiles.

We Need to spread the word about AbbA Israelites!