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Constitution of AbbA Israelites

Downloadable version of the Constitution of AbbA Israelites

The Adopted AbbA Israelites of this world, in order to form a righteous world, with the belief in one God, of many names, to rebuke all works of evil, in yourself and in high places of this world. The AbbA Israelites form this non-profit religious internet organization, AbbA Israelites.

The AbbA Israelites shall use the Adoption of AbbA Israelites written by Benoni (Ben) Haran, the Restorer, as a guide of paths to dwell to become gods of Earth, in our promised inherited land, forever.

AbbA Israelites shall keep the Beliefs and Duties stated in the Adoption of AbbA Israelites. AbbA Israelites shall sign and date an Adoption Certification certificate stating their Birth Name and their AbbA Israelites Adopted Name. The Elder Leader and two Elders shall sign the certificate.

AbbA Israelites shall implement amendments by a (66-92) majority vote. The AbbA Israelites shall vote on this percentage.

Amendments that are passed by this percentage shall be added to the constitution. 

Benoni Haran shall serve as the first Elder Leader and shall elect the first thirteen to the Elder Board.

When the Elder Board votes, they must always have at less a 92 percent majority to amend the constitution. 12 to 1

The Elder Board shall vote on the age (14-18) for a person to profess they are an AbbA Israelite. All rights at that age shall be vested and they can adopt themselves as an AbbA Israelite, become adopted, receive an Adoption Certification, serve, and vote.

An AbbA Israelite shall respect all governmental laws except those that are against our beliefs and duties.

AbbA Israelites shall vote to elect an Elder Board of thirteen members and an Elder Leader.

AbbA Israelites shall vote on a replacement of any person on the Elder Board.

AbbA Israelites shall vote on the number of years an Elder and the Elder Leader shall serve.

AbbA Israelites shall determine by vote, the compensation for workers, Elders, and the Elder Leader.

AbbA Israelites shall meet online by Zoom, on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00p.m., to vote on any amendments.

The Elder Board may change this time and date, by a 92 percent majority vote.

An AbbA Israelite can introduce an amendment to the Elder Board. The Elder Board shall introduce the amendment to the Elder Leader. The Elder Leader shall review for passage. The Elder Leader shall present the amendment to the people for a (92) majority vote. The Elder board shall implement and enforce amendments.

The Elder Board shall create any sub-committees necessary.

All monies, tithes, donations, reparations, grants, awards, taxes, fines, penalties; shall be deposited in the general fund, and shall be allocated by a Elder Board sub-committee, according to the budget.

The Elder Board may impose a percentage tax on all AbbA Israelites if the general funds need to increase to cover the budget.

The Elder Board may invest excessive monies in general fund according to a (75-92) percentage vote by the AbbA Israelites. They shall vote on this percentage.

AbbA Israelites shall determine fines and punishment for violating laws. The AbbA Israelites shall vote for laws, fines, and punishment. The Elder Board, or the Elder Leader may try an AbbA Israelite according to the AbbA Israelite’s choice.

There shall be no double indemnity for violations. All rights are restored after a fine, service or punishment has been complete. 

The amendments shall reflect what law is necessary for the time, and not by tradition. If an AbbA Israelite violates any law three times, that person's Adoption Certification shall be revoked. When we have land, they shall be deported. Community service should be warranted for most violates and no punishment over seven years.

We are the Adopted AbbA Israelites. We profess to be one family. There shall be no separation of our people, our land, temple, or schools.

AbbA Israelites shall not confess against another AbbA Israelite in an outside courtroom. 

AbbA Israelites shall not serve in any counties armed service, nor go to war, without the consent of the Elder Board and only for the defense of our land, people, and AbbA Father.

We shall cast out evil by the Spirit of God, and the kingdom of God shall come to us.

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